GAP - Golden Age Program

Pulaski County School System Provides
Program Designed for Seniors

“Education is not just an issue for children. We must be concerned about people of all ages and backgrounds… The future of America depends on it.” ---Barbara Bush 

The quote by Barbara Bush supports the idea that although many senior citizens no longer have children in school, everyone reaps the benefits of education. All of us depend on an educated workforce to sustain a healthy economy and community and to preserve the middle class and our free market economy. If we hope to maintain or improve the quality of life in our communities, attract new businesses, and continue to prosper as a nation, then education is essential. 

The Pulaski County School System has emphasized and expanded educational and cultural opportunities for senior citizens through the Golden Age Program (GAP) in an effort to communicate those who are effected by education. “Education at its best is a partnership between schools, parents, and community. We are working to build partnerships where we can share our triumphs and solve our weaknesses. The GAP program is an example of our philosophy to reach out to the community and make our schools accessible to every one in the community,” said Pulaski County School System Superintendent Steve Butcher. 

Through the GAP program, seniors are invited to special events, breakfasts, and engaged in unique volunteer opportunities. Many GAP members are also spotlighted in the media for their involvement in Pulaski County Schools. The program has expanded to include over 1200 members with plans for new events and networking including more social gatherings, computer classes designed just for senior adults, and an advisory council. Other GAP member benefits include the popular Golden Age Pass, newsletters with information important to seniors, special student productions, and much more. 
The GAP program is designed to be mutually beneficial to the school system and to seniors who are involved in the program. “Seniors are of extreme importance to the total education process of our youth. Seniors can have a great impact by sharing their knowledge and life experiences with our students and giving our teachers the opportunity to bring the past alive,” added Butcher. “Having seniors involved with our students helps build relationships and understanding between the two groups and helps students and seniors understand the role each other play in our community.” 

“We will continue to encourage our seniors to be involved in anyway they choose. Our opportunities range from enjoying breakfast, to participating in our workshops for adults, to volunteering to be active participators in the classroom,” said Butcher. 

For information about the Golden Age Program that includes a free pass to all Pulaski County events, contact Sherry Super at 679-1123. 

Benefits for Seniors 

• Golden Age Passes: For free admission to school events 
• Quarterly Newsletter: With information of interest to you 
• Volunteer Program: Discover the joy and satisfaction of helping children 
• Education Opportunities: GED classes, grandparent support groups, arts/crafts 
• Invitations for Special Events 
• Media Spotlights on senior activities and contributions 
• Free Breakfast/Lunch Socials 
• And More! 

Benefits for Children 

• Providing students with a mentor, tutor and role model 
• Enriching the curriculum 
• Strengthening school-community relations 
• Showing support and involvement from caring adults