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Parent pick times and areas

Parent Pick up Release times and area; 

Kindergarten and First gradePPU at 3:10 pm, out the gymnasium doors in the parking lot.

Fourth grade and Fifth grade:  PPU at 3:20 pm, out the gymnasium doors in the parking lot.

Second grade and Third grade: PPU at 3:10 pm at the north end of the buidling. 

The procedure has not changed from last school year, older students will go to the younger sibling  for parent release. 

Parents, please be patient during this process, especially during the first week. 

Renewing enrollment and updating information

All parents need to renew the enrollment for their students for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

Please update all information necessary. This will need to be completed through the parent portal. We also ask you to complete the Meal Benefits portion of the enrollment. 

We ask that everyone please complete this as soon as possible, to prevent any issues during your student's first day of school. 

If you do not have parent portal access, please contact the school @ 678 - 5229.

Parent drop off in the morning.

All parent drop off in the mornings is at the gym doors.  Parents, please be patient, we unload over 220 cars every morning. Your help would be greatly appreciated by having your student ready to get out; mask on, backpack ready, student at the correct side of the car for the drop off.  

Parents should not use the staff parking lot to unload students and walk them across the bus road to get to the gym. This is a safety hazard for your child and yourself. 







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News & Announcements

Elementary Cross Country Teams Achievement

The elementary boys and girls of the cross country teams both won first place on Saturday, October 16th at the Wayne County Invitational. both teams received a 6 ft. throphy. 

The trophies will be "traveling" to all of the south elementary schools. This week the trophies were displayed at Southern elementary. 

                                           Cross country picture 

Southern elementary Cross country students are;

               Girls team:

First grader: Avery Wilson, Second graders: Pari Patel, Zofear Palmer and Keira Wilson and Fifth graders: Savannah Jones and Elizabeth Denham.

               Boys team: 

First grader: Micheal Cundiff, Second grader: Eli Denham, Third grader: Ezekiel Adcox, Fourth graders: Maddox Bartholomew and Levi Adcox.

Book Fair Schedule, October 2021
Book Fair Schedule

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Our Mission

The vision for Southern Elementary students is that every student is proficient and prepared for success by becoming college and career ready.

The purpose of Southern Elementary is to provide a safe, dynamic learning environment where ALL students are challenged at high levels while partnering with parents, students, and community members so they may become proficient members in our ever-changing society.