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Important parent announcement!!!

Parents, due to safety concerns we are asking you to please UTILIZE THE PARENT DROP OFF AREA by the gym when you bring your child to school in the mornings. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. 

Attention All Parents !!!!

Parents, please remember to bring a form of identification when you have to visit the school for any reason. You will be asked to show this in order to receive services and to make entry into the school due to a scheduled meeting. We also practice the wearing of a mask and social distancing at all times. 





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News & Announcements

Summer Feeding 2021

Meals will be available for up to 7 days per week, May 24 - July 30, 2021.  Pickup at Pulaski County High School available Monday - Friday only (weekend meals picked during the week).  To be approved, complete and return the application to Mary Worley or Carylon Burdine.  Participants must read the Sponsor Training Guide.  Meals may be provided for children 18 and younger and persons age 19 - 21 participating in a school program who have a mental or physical disability.  For additional information contact Food Services at 679-1123 or Charita Roberts at 679-3217.  Click on the article title above for additional information.

Drive By Parent and Child Connections; A free program for parents and guardians of children birth – Kindergarten entry.

Click on the title to get all the information and program dates. 

Virtual Learning Contract school year 2020 - 2021

Families -  As we plan for the start of school and you are deciding if your child will return to in-person classes or use the virtual school option, please be aware that there is a Virtual School Contract that will need to be signed and returned to the school by Friday, July 17.   

Many people are asking for more information before they decide, however all we can tell you at this time is that Virtual School could look differently for each student, teacher, class, or grade level.  But it will be online and students will need to log on at different times. 

A copy of the contract is available by clicking on the title of this article, in the navigation line or you may contact the school to request a copy.

Updated Contract:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rJRuLKqG1HbtMwqfKV4pHMXCqzE3Bl6sgMNorcLT5p0/copy  

All parents who have chosen for their student to virtual learn will have to complete this contract. 


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Our Mission

The vision for Southern Elementary students is that every student is proficient and prepared for success by becoming college and career ready.

The purpose of Southern Elementary is to provide a safe, dynamic learning environment where ALL students are challenged at high levels while partnering with parents, students, and community members so they may become proficient members in our ever-changing society.